Which Bottle Is Right For You?

As you browse our selection of specialty oils you might wonder, which bottle is right for me?  While the descriptions do their best to explain each bottle I wanted to help out a little bit more.

At Martian Beard Oil each bottle is named after a unique experience that inspired it; however, they were created to mirror the seasons of the year.



When many decide to start their bearded journey it is when the air gets crisper, leaves start to fall, and we all bundle up for what we know is ahead.  It is no surprise that Broken Bow, our fall scent, is the best seller of the Martian family.  With a strong scent of cedar and just a hint of orange, this blend is sure to bring to mind all the greatness that is a beard in the fall.




Once the cold as set in to stay and we have resigned ourselves to staying in unless forced otherwise, Voyager is the oil that is right for you.  With the distinct scent of peppermint this blend will calm your senses and warm your beard as you endure the cold season ahead.


Once things finally start to warm up, the sun decides to stay out longer, and the thought of outdoor activities begin, Pioneer is the scent for you.  This subtle citrus blend will awaken your senses and beard as you prepare for outdoor festivities.


As the dog days of summer begin to drag, with heat that can be unbearable, Jones & Jackman is the scent that will sooth your heated soul.  The sweet aroma of lemon and vanilla will cool you down while the eucalyptus will sooth your soul.  Incidentally this blend is also a natural deed, keeping mosquitoes away while you spend those summer nights out and about.

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